About Us

Everyone Is important is a not-for-profit organization started by Two Gandhi Fellows Kashif Khan and Upasana Negi with the Purpose of Generating Hope and Dream among the Children from Humble Background to Lead a Better Life.

It started as a pilot project in low-income based schools and the government schools in Surat.

The project includes career counselling, mentoring, skill development and alternative methods of learning, The project mainly focuses on minimizing the alarming rate of absenteeism, drop-outs and child labour.

What We Do:


  • Student Mentorship Program:

The mentorship programs intends to serve as an early intervention to assist young students to achieve the following objectives:

  • Supportive relationship with their peers;
  • Progress in academic performance;
  • Improvement of personal skills; and
  • Development of inter-personal skills

Primarily catering to the students belonging to age group of 9-13 years, typically hailing from middle to lower socio-economic background, provision of a one-to-one mentor aims to fill in the gaps in learning.

The program which runs for a span of one year,intends to impart guidance for both personal development and career prospects. With the goal to increase the students’ performance and attendance, the purpose is to help students to create and adhere to short-term as well as long-term goals.


English for Everyone:

This particular endeavor is to enhance students with the basics of English language and enable them to converse in confidence. As the second-most used language in the world, and in a multi-lingual country like India, it is essential to enhance students with the intricacies of the language and open up avenues of options as opposed to naive knowledge.

Hence to give them a final touch of development and brushing up their skills, Everyone Is Important volunteers help these students gain fluency in English language to take their life a notch up!


Our Mission:

1. Develop capabilities and further the aspirations in children (mentee) by connecting to strong role model (mentors), who will help define and achieve personal, academic and career goals.
2. Develop confidence and help build personality of a person.
3. BringĀ  societal change by working on social issues with the youths across India.

4. Impacting thousand of lives till 2020.
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