What do you say, Money or Education ?



Since the end of barter system and advent of monetary system mankind has pitted different things,aspects of their lives and tried to conceptualize, about what’s more important, money or that other thing, education?

So it’s no surprise millions of children in their moulding years have attempted to classify whether or not money is more important than education. I’m sure growing up in an egalitarian society we’ve all asked ourselves that question.

One of the endeavours of modern day education is to make students employable. That directly, but not necessarily translates into monetary stability. But we can’t assume to conclude this without taking into account the holistic point of education, which revolves around the making of a responsible member of society.

This encompasses a variety of virtues which only education can provide you. It  promises to try and make you a productive member of society. This is where education beats money hands down.

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Social Talk…



Everyone is Important organized a “Social Talk” event on 26 March 2017 (Sunday) in Kaivalya Education Foundation office, Surat, Gujarat.

“Example is better than Precept”
Our mentors had an unforgettable experience of listening to 3 professional social workers Ritesh Pandey, Kuldeep Arakka and Dipti Hajari talk about their work and experiences. It was a great learning encounter where speakers shared their considerable experiences and outlined the basics of social sector in a comprehensive manner. The extended session was engrossing as it was also a two way communication. Speakers cleared the myriad doubts of mentors with patience and aplomb. Truly a fruitful time.

Mentors gleaned important information regarding how to better understand their mentees  and how to create effective dialogue with them.
The speakers, who came from simple households, spoke about their struggles when they started out in the development sector(social work). They assuaged curiosity of our mentors, giving them direction and providing support.

A big Thanks to our Friends Ritesh Pandey, Kuldeep Arakka and Dipti Hajari who made this session  successful. 🙂


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